Friday, October 14, 2016

News from "Robotics Houston Headquarters"!

Students have been busy creating toys that move and are now working on building a robot chassis. Once this has been successfully built and the tested with the driver control program students will modify their chassis to complete the task of collecting blocks and moving them across the floor. This is hard work as you will see from the photos below but everyone has made great progress and next week we will be able to test the vehicles and begin modifications. Stay tuned!!!
Parents and relatives are welcome to stop by and observe the progress!

"I like robotics because it is awesome to have a partner and you get to use all the different apps and you have to use things like problem solving and teamwork." Mia (Mia's partner was absent the day we took photos)
"I really like how we get to solve problems and all those things just with our partners. I also get along really well with my partner. " Julia
" I really like that we don't have to build the robot chassis step by step with the whole group and we can do it with partners. I learned that robots are used for many things. " Teras
"Robotics is really fun because I like to build." Ben
"I like it because we get to be creative. " Wesley
" I learned that robotics is fun because we  can make stuff that moves. " Izzy
"I like robotics because my partner and I learned how to build complicated things while we are having fun." Aiden
" I like robotics because I love Science and I want to be a scientist someday and I am so happy I get the chance to explore robots!" Grace
" I enjoy this unit because I am use to a different type of robot and it is proving to be harder but working with a partner has made it easier. " Noah
"I really like robotics because it's really cool to connect these things and make something really cool like a robot. It is also fun to do it with an awesome teacher teaching it." Maya
"What I really like about robotics is that I have the best teacher to teach me robotics! Also, it's not everyday you get to learn robotics at school! I also think robotics are really cool and fun!" Quinn
"My partner and I work well together. When we run into a problem we solve it together" Wyatt
"At the beginning it was boring with the story but now it is fun because we have to problem solve and put parts together. " Lewis
"I learned that working with my partner helped me not be such a control freak. The building is about making robots which is good because I like building." Clay
"It is fun because my partner and I work well together. I learned that Robotics is lots of fun with a partner." Garrett
"I liked how we got a lot more work done today because we communicated better! " Cole
"I think it has been fun because I got to build a robot" Emmett

" What I learned from robotics is that takes so many pieces to make up a working model. It's very confusing and if you get one piece wrong, you might have to take it apart. " Ava
" What I am learning from robotics is that I can work well with my partner and we are good at building things together." Avery

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