Monday, September 12, 2016

Science Begins!

This was our first week following our normal schedule, which meant we started science classes!  Ms. Anderman is teaching Earth and Space.  Mrs. Houston is teaching Robotics and Mrs. Michael will be teaching Processes that Shape the Earth. The students will rotate by trimester though each teacher and unit.  

Science begins...
After watching videos of eclipses, moon phases, and seasons,
students created drawings about why they thought these events occur

Students predicted the size and distance of the sun from
earth in scale and were surprised to realize how large the sun is
compared to earth and how far, far away it is!
In Mrs. Michael's class we explored the Scientific Method by experimenting with Skittles.  After this introductory lesson, students will design their own candy experiment by changing variables.

Check out this cool time lapse video Jack made of his group's experiment. 



Recording data & observations

Everyone has a task based on our job cards

Discussing results


Getting ready for Robotics

Taking inventory of ALL those pieces!



Now that we are following our normal schedule, we will keep doing Team Time on Thursday mornings throughout the year.  Ask your Wizard about our Team Kahoot!  Students had to put to the test all that they learned about each other during the first weeks of school.  Please be sure to check out the link to our schedule on the sidebar and stay tuned for more happenings on Team Wizards.

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