Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week one as a Wizard

My it was a busy and successful first week on the Wizards' wing! It was great to see our returning Wizards and to welcome the new ones.  We saw a lot of smiling faces and happy Wizards.  Although students had L.A, Math, and Social Studies in the afternoon, we spent each morning as a team.  We began the day with a team meeting and finished with a team building activity.  Students in Ms. Anderman's and Mrs. Clymer's math class focused on group activities and reflection that led to students creating expectations for our team called Our Wizard Pledge for Success.  There was a lot of thoughtful conversation and reflection about how we can work together this year and help one another be successful.  Here are some highlights from our first week together:

We built group puzzles without talking and thought about what we need from one another to complete a group task.

We worked together to find the Lonesome Llama.   We had to use our ability to describe, observe, and cooperate to find the llama's home.

We enjoyed some team building activities outside.
This one is called "Continuum" and  helps the kids find common interests.
"Peek a Who"--A game for practicing names.
The 6th graders created and presented skits for the 5th graders about how we treat our Chromebooks.
We played Human Bingo and learned a lot about each other
These smiling faces say it all! 
"Team Tally" allowed for some interesting discussions:)

We met new people, found common interests and learned each other's names

We learned that a lot of Wizards can speak another language, one of us can juggle bowling pins, and a lot of us camped in Vermont this summer.
Things these two young ladies have in common...
They do not have middle names and they both speak a second language.
Working cooperatively to brainstorm expectations for all those comfy chairs that they love so much.

Would you believe the 5th graders mastered their lockers by mid week?

Students had to line up by middle names. All of the pairs below share the same middle names...

Will won an intense game of Biggest Fan, which is a spin off of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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