Monday, November 14, 2016

Conference Feedback

Hello Families!
Thank you to the many families who joined us Thursday night in a celebration of learning! It was wonderful to see the students share all the wonderful work they have been doing.  As we met with families we noticed a few "themes" emerge so we thought it might be helpful to clarify a couple of things...

Based on some insights from last Thursday night and a subsequent discussion among the teachers, we have decided to use Schoology "exclusively" for assignments, feedback and the reporting of progress toward the proficiencies we are teaching. So from this point forward, if you are looking to see if your student is caught up on their work, how they did on an assignment or the feedback they received, please consult Schoology.  We hope that this streamlines the process of reporting for both students and parents.  No need to look on Powerschool. All the information you will need will be on Schoology.  If you have any questions about Schoology, we are here to help, so please ask!

Language Arts
The question Mrs. Michael received the most was about the homework expectations for her class. The short answer is, students should be reading 30 minutes a night, five times a week. Which for most students, means that they will read at least two novels per month.  When they finish a book, they should record it on their reading log (which is in Google Drive.)  At the end of each month they will write a book review for one of their independent reading books and publish it on the "What are you reading?" blog. The blog assignment will always be posted each month on Schoology.  Any additional assignments will also be posted on Schoology. Occasionally, if students do not finish work in class, they will be expected to do it for homework that night. Feel free to contact Mrs. Michael with any questions.

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