Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We are Thankful for our Wizard Students and Families

We wanted to thank all of the families who contributed to our breakfast this morning. We had plenty of delicious treats. We were also excited to have so many parents join our celebration! It was a lovely morning, complete with a talent show.  

The party organizers...They did a great job!

I'd smile too with a plate of food like that:)

The best of friends! 

Our star cello player!

Card trick--minds blown!

These three have the most lovely voices! 

Bottle flipping success

Can you solve a Rubic's Cube in under a minute?  He can!

The poet
A Tuesday breakfast, which we can all enjoy.
A good way to share thoughts, and to spread Joy.
Everyone is gathered around, like a family.
We are all together, eating happily!

Comedy Hour

Finishing with some flips

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!!

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