Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Breakfast & Math Update

Team Breakfast 
You are invited to a Team Wizards breakfast next Tuesday!  Dear parents and guardians please come to our breakfast on Tuesday, November 22 from 8:00 - 8:50.  Stop by for a treat with your student.  There even may be entertainment from our talented Wizards. We hope to see you Tuesday!  This potluck breakfast is organized by Dylan, Teras, Olivia, Talie, Julia, Eleanor, Eva, and Janelle with support from Ms. Anderman.  

Math Update

As we move to recording all progress in Schoology, please note that all assignments prior to last week will be in Powerschool.  Please check the date of any "missing" work before you check in with your student.  If it is an old assignment it is possible that it was completed but recorded in Powerschool.  Schoology will now be updated weekly and I believe that it will make it much easier for you and your student to check assignments and to see progress at the same time.  Thanks for your patience and flexibility.

5th Grade Math
In 5th grade we are finishing up our study of division.  You can click here to see the partial quotients algorithm that your student will need to know to be proficient.   This is the algorithm students should be practicing on this week's homework. 

6th Grade Math
In 6th grade we are well into our study of ratios and rates.  The following gives an overview of the content your 6th graders are learning.  


Students build understanding of ratios as comparisons of numbers. Students express ratios in different ways: with the language of for every, using the word to, with colon notation (a : b), and using the word per.


When you say that 1/6 of a school is sixth graders, strictly speaking, this is not a number but a ratio. It compares a part to the whole; for every 6 students, 1 is a sixth grader.
The ratio of the sixth-grade fundraising goal to the seventh-grade fundraising goal is 60 : 90.
Mary runs at 5 miles per hour.

Unit Rate

A unit rate is a comparison in which one of the numbers being compared is 1 unit. You can use unit rates to calculate equivalent ratios.


Finn runs 10 miles in 2 hours.
Finn runs 2.5 miles in a half hour (or 30 minutes).
Finn runs 1 mile in 1/5 hour (or 12 minutes).
The statement Finn runs 1 mile in 12 minutes expresses a unit rate.

Rate Table

Rate tables are a way to express equivalent ratios. For example, if you know that 1 ounce of popcorn kernels yields 4 cups of popped corn, you can use a rate table to calculate other amounts


Cups of Popcorn From Ounces of Kernels
Number of Cups of Popcorn4812162024283236404448
Number of Ounces of Popcorn Kernels123456789101112

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